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teresaTeresa specializes in supporting women to move from their heads to their hearts and breakthrough their emotional blockages by feeling under their issues, to reclaim their self-confidence and self-worth so they can shine in this world and feel more peace and happiness and be the empowered leader of their own lives.

She assists women who feel they want more from their lives and want to drop the old patterns that have been chaining them to their past.

Teresa has set up her own business named Heart’s Voice and has been involved in more than 100 Breathwork sessions and is an active assistant with workshops at the Institute of Heart Intelligence through out each year.

A survivor and now thriver after traumatic experiences of child abuse and domestic violence herself Teresa understands that to provide a safe, non-judgemental and supportive space for women to heal, grow and thrive in life in so important.

Teresa is a Women’s Thrive Coach and Breathwork Practitioner completing Certificate III and IV in Breathwork and is registered with Australian Breathwork College and The Australian Breathwork Association. She also is an active advocate with White Ribbon Australia.

More About Teresa Ratcliffe

I always saw the potential in myself and many others around me to change and grow through experiences in our lives that could come in ways that were amazingly positive or very tragic. I’m not sure where I developed this belief that I still have to this day but I have a sense it comes from forgiveness. I really grasped onto this idea that we ALL can make changes when we became aware of the consequences of our words, thoughts and actions and whether they were positive or not to others or ourselves
After surviving child abuse with the patterns of shutting down, carrying shame and then to encounter a 20 year domestic violent relationship which needed intervention orders and a family court trial process for the custody and safety of my children, I had felt so many parts of me were lost, damaged, broken and even destroyed. I was living with the hope that one
day my ex would finally wake up and see the suffering he was causing me and our children and STOP..!!!

Many years went by and after all the official exhausting and extremely challenges processes were over I found myself staying with the belief I was a victim still and realised that that is how I had been living for so long that this is who I thought I was. My priority for a lot of the time was to heal my children first and protect them before I took time for me. It wasn’t until several years of feeling so lost that I placed some well needed focus and energy onto ‘ME’. My goal was and is to be the best role model I can be to all my children so the patterns and cycles STOP with this generation.

I tried many forms of counselling, support groups, meditation groups, kilos of chocolate, years of procrastinating and even the hide away, push it away and it will eventually go away approaches.

Many hurdles come from being in difficult situations and many friends, legal people and family members have the belief that once everything is over (leaving, court processes, little or no contact) that all would be OK NOW..!! One thing I would like to share to anyone reading this that hasn’t gone through a traumatic experience. Once it’s over the damage that has taken place isn’t and will take as long as it takes till the right process is found to heal it.

To me it resembles a horrifying car crash that you are lucky enough to walk away from. You look ok to all outsiders just a little shaken and feeling so blessed that you made it out ALIVE. But the massive destruction to the car is seen as separate to you and something that you may not even grasp the extent of at the time. Healing fully to me is going to the wreckage and having to learn each of the specialized skills needed to bring the car back to life. And let me share with you that there have been many women who have made a new car from the wreckage and the process is done in many different ways but the inner work is where we need to begin for the structure to be strong and have that new car smell.

So you have to start with finding your way into the centre of the car and begin fixing the structure to then reach all the dints that are on the outside panelling. This isn’t easy and it takes strength, courage and determination to begin the healing of the damaged structure. I know that I had for years put on the brave face; the mask the smile which is like polishing the wreckage so it shines and may look just good enough to others but truly hides so much damage that you are carrying inside.

It wasn’t till I had the courage to really look within and take responsibility for my reality as it was showing up for me in each and every moment that CHANGE happened.

I personally had to reach the point of feeling so desperate for some peace, direction and happiness in my life that the pain finally got big enough for me to DO something different. An opportunity came my way through my youngest son’s best friend’s parents. I had no idea
what they did until I asked the question when I was dropping off my son for a play at their property.

Breathwork was where miracles happened for me. Nicholas and Susan de Castella are the owners and facilitators of ‘The Institute of Heart Intelligence’. Through their amazing workshops and training I found a heart centred way of living and I was creating the space to reunite with my ‘true self’ and accepted who I am, past and all..!! I was hearing and feeling in a way that sparked the wanting to live life with purpose and passion and it ignited and fuelled me to face old patterns that weren’t serving me and let go of the past that was holding me back.

As a result of stepping into the unknown that was the “me” that I had hidden for so long I now live with all my feelings, have dropped the need for control and perfection and live with more inner peace, clarity, heart connection and trust. All this enables me to LEAD my live with enthusiasm and confidence and love.

It is now time for YOU to RECLAIM your;
SELF-WORTH, SELF-CONFIDENCE, VOICE, HAPPINESS AND LIFE, all those parts of yourself that you feel are lost or have shut down to so you can shine brightly once again in this world.

You are not ALONE…. I am here to help and support you back to the TRUE YOU so you can THRIVE in all areas of your life….NOW.