Causes of Fear

by Nicholas de Castella

1 Ego Threats – Rejection, loss of approval or acceptance
Loss of control / being in the unknown
Change = Death = Annihilation

2 Being in Danger – Healthy fear is a message to take care. We are in a potentially dangerous situation and need to heighten our alertness and ready our bodies to take action if needed.

3 Desire for Revenge – Your Attack thoughts create Fear!
Our desire for revenge creates fear because we then fear reprisal. We assume if we want to attack someone then someone is going to attack us.
Revenge is a form of defence or an avoidance of us feeling our feelings. When we are abused we receive the attacker’s shame and often feel weak, humiliated and embarrassed. Revenge is a futile attempt to avoid the feelings of humiliation and embarrassment attempting to save face by attacking the other person in the hope of getting even.

4 Lack of Love (lack of Presence)
Fear arises from a lack of connection with our truth, our essence – love.
In this lack we are usually not present with ourselves, not open in the moment to life.
Suffering from isolation is usually accompanied by the presence of fear.
When nobody is there to support a child fear is often experienced (especially true for the absence of a loving [protective] father).

5 Unresolved Past Hurts
Life is patterns patterning and involves a series of events that are designed to bring up our unresolved emotions and limited thinking so we can realise the truth of our being. Having past unresolved feelings leads to the fear of getting ‘hurt’ again.
For example: Fear of suffocation in relationships comes from birth. To heal we must learn to stay with the fear (in relationship with it) because it is in us and by running away from the relationship, we are attempting to run away from the fear in ourselves and we are rejecting ourselves and intimacy with our truth – we don’t grow. If we welcome fear we allow it to flow through us and be released.

6 Awfulising – Mind Generated Fear
This is the case in 90% of our fears. Awfulising is when we imagine a future drawn from an incomplete past experience (one which has unresolved feelings). We detach from the primary fear by splitting off from feeling and reverting to thinking. The thoughts that arise are inspired by the fear and therefore are scary. These thoughts then amplify the fear. The type of thoughts we revert to tend to be the same ones over and over again, like a broken record.

Fear thoughts:
I am not safe

I can never get ahead

Something bad is going to happen

It’s not safe to be happy or successful

The world is not safe

People are against me

Everybody is a crook

You can’t trust anyone

Nothing ever goes how you want it to