Clarity to Freedom with Core Clearing

Do any of the below statements resemble you in any way?

If so, Core Clearing is the primary step for you.

* Are you troubled by a persistent issue that keeps upsetting you?

* Is there someone in your life, who just keeps getting under your skin?

* Are you feeling stuck or frustrated that you’re not moving forward?

* Are you feeling overwhelmed or still in a fog?

* Are you feeling controlled or manipulated you don’t feel you can cope anymore?

*Are you holding onto anger and resentments from the past that keeps you feeling depressed or anxious?

* Are you feeling powerless over a situation

Core Clearing Process gives you the opportunity to;

★ Connect to your source of Peace, Love and Happiness within you

★ Create Strong, Supportive, Passionate Loving Relationships

★ Find your Passion, Live and Work from this space

★ Set Inspired Goals from your heart and achieve them with Ease and Grace

★ Create Inner Harmony to boost your Inner Peace

★ Be Present to the Wealth of Wisdom in your Heart

★ Create balance in your daily life with Clarity and Direction

The Clarity to Freedom Program supports you gaining clarity to lead your life.

I help you to become CLEAR around your Subconscious Blocks

Bring AWARENESS to Patterns keeping you Chained to Your Past

Build SELF-CONFIDENCE leading you to live with Choice and Inner Peace

Clarity to Freedom Program

The Clarity to Freedom Program is a full 5 Session Core Clearing Process that allows for the natural unfolding to peace by regularly feeling through the layers of thoughts and stresses in your life. The process guides you to the present moment where you unravel the issues and patterns holding you in the past that are still causing you suffering in your life.

6 Key Principles the Program follows:

1.The Healing is in the Feeling…Unwanted feeling Fully Felt – Disappear

Become aware of the struggles from your past affecting you in the present and feel the freedom in letting go.

2.Grace takes us Home…Change happens when we Experience What Is

Feel the immense Peace from understanding the value of choice.

3.Mystery…Letting go of Expectations

Release the need to control and embrace the wonders of the unknown

4.Heart Breathing…The Breath facilitates Change

Breathe is energy and helps us move from our thoughts and ego to open to more possibilities.

5.Effortless Flow… Surrendering, Accepting and Allowing

All aspects of finding more Peace, Ease and Flow in your life.

6.Heart Intelligence…Our heart is a source of Wisdom

Allow your heart intelligence to shine and experience the value of its messages.



1“Thank you Teresa so much for giving me the opportunity to do Core Clearing with you! I have more awareness now and feel that I have more power and can be more present in every situation”

Karena Allan, Thornbury


PICTURE 2Learning to breathe properly has changed my life in so many ways. It sounds so simple and takes courage and strength. Teresa has been an amazing teacher and support for me. The two main shifts in me are knowing that you have to ‘feel it to heal it’ and remembering that everything comes back to the breath.”




untitled-3“Through Core Clearing my relationship with my Mum is back on track and we are close again like we were years ago. Past hurts have been forgiven and I have started afresh. After being in the same career for more than 24 years I finally know what direction I want to change my career to and taking the action steps towards the life I want.”

Dee Rasmussen, Mooroolbark

*The process of Core Clearing was invented by Nicholas de Castella, the founder of the Australian Breathwork Colle*