Come forward or Shrink

by Nicholas de Castella

It seems almost inevitable that we experience pain and suffering on Earth. Life is filled with trials and tribulations, hopes and fears, victories and losses, celebrations and mourning’s.
The question is how do we respond to such experiences?
Do we give in, do we hold on or let go, do we close down or open up, do we shrink or expand, do we allow ourselves to surrender to our overwhelm to allow ourselves to find our true strength which will only emerge out of our deepened connection with our inner selves, do we live in denial and avoid facing our fears, our sadness, our anger, our beauty and our love or do we embrace life for what it is, allowing our own growth to unfold.
Do we run away from our pain and discomfort or do we stay present and allow it to lead us to deeper states of wholeness, freedom and love?
Whatever we do, we are doing the very best we can with the resources we have, with the life experiences we have gained. But could your life experiences have been better?
Could you be happier now if, as a child you were you encouraged to stand up and express your feelings, if you were supported, protected, acknowledged, honoured and respected for expressing your truth. Does the pain of being laughed at, ridiculed and shamed, at home, at school or by your friends, still restrict you?

Would you like to do something about what happened back then and about what may still be happening for you right now?
What we need is a safe place where we will be accepted for all of what we are: our fears and our truth, our anger and our gentleness, our sorrows and our joys, our smallness and our greatness, our shame and our beauty, our hatred and our love.
A place where we can release past hurts and resentments that hold us back and discover our true magnificence, self-love and personal power.
A safe place to bring your real self out of hiding, share with and be nurtured by others who have a similar respect for feelings and a yearning to cultivate a passion for life!

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