I am more than a Survivor!

A Note from Teresa;

“My words may inspire you, enrage you, connect with you, spark some doubt in you or have you smile or weep. My words have reached their goal. They have helped you FEEL.”
I fully understand that so many of us reach this amazing place of being a SURVIVOR of our past traumatic experiences as I have done this from child abuse and an increasing 20 year domestic violent relationship. Yet the feelings of confusion, depression, anxiety and lack of trust in my own thoughts and feelings still overshadowed my life. I knew like so many others that there must be more than being an amazing survivor??? I found Breathwork and developed the RECLAIM & THRIVE program that takes you to that next level…. to be your own LIFE LEADER in every aspect of life.
After any trauma, abuse or hurt in our lives we can choose many different paths to cope with the feelings that are so overwhelming for us. To survive in the abusive environment we learn to conform, be over powered or suppress our real, dynamic, confident self with the forever increasing fears destroying the shining light we once were.
Our patterns begin to develop from an early age and we don’t really have a school for knowing how to use our feelings to enhance our personal power, set boundaries and have peaceful relationships. We lose trust in ourselves. The program firstly brings you to a place of confidence and trust. You will recognise and connect to your inner guidance and have the power to trust in yourself once more.
Usually due to any experience or environment where your emotions of sadness, anger and fear are felt daily or overwhelm you in a certain circumstance we choose to suppress them for our own safety. This leaves little or no space for any other emotions to be felt. All your other emotions like joy, peace, happiness and trust are the ones damaged or destroyed as a consequence of losing your power. This suppression and loss of connecting with your emotions fully does not mean you are free from the negative effects of them. Suppression patterns will follow you as you try to move forward in your life after leaving the abusive situation. I have been aware of this personally and I am still growing and learning with all my clients the levels of healing possible.
The fascinating thing to realize is that our unresolved emotions drive our lives. They cause the Stress, Anxiety, Frustration, Anger, Dis-connection, Poor Sleep, Lack of Trust, Relationship Conflict, Illness and Confusion that we can contend with daily after abuse. You will gain more the clarity and confidence about yourself so that it can only radiate outwardly in your life.

At the time of releasing your unresolved emotions you will also gain the opportunity to become aware of the limiting choices you have been making and were oblivious to for so long and how this has been limiting your whole life. The choices you make are the basis of your beliefs in your subconscious.
You may be unaware of them but they do affect virtually everything we say, think and the actions we take in life.

By becoming aware of the context in which you lost your power and then releasing the emotional charge on it you then gain the power to make NEW life changing choices that will
embrace and empower more peace, ease, self-love and confidence in your life
I am offering you the opportunity to take control of your life and accept who you truly are with love, respect and confidence.
The effects of living with unresolved emotional blockages can be like a heavy, thick and dark blanket throwing itself over any kind of joy, motivation, enthusiasm or happiness in your life. The damage can be invisible to others around you because you put on a brave face or a fake smile. Each day ensuring that the mask is on to hide what is really underneath and to suppress the uncomfortable feelings that you yourselves are carrying .You just want to get through the day.

To fully heal we must first reclaim those parts of ourselves that we felt were lost, never to return. To take steps forward in our family life, work life and social lives the leader within you needs to be discovered and freed to express self-confidence, self-worth and self-love and empowerment.

To empower the leader within it will ensure you are on your journey HOME to your REAL SELF. You will regain what you once felt was gone forever to be replaced with new self-beliefs, new patterns and new choices to live and rejoice in your full potential.

A life can begin again once we release the blockages that gave little or no space for life to THRIVE. Shine the light of who you are into this world and your world will only get brighter.