Mothers Day…the Joy and Sadness

May 14th 2017…Teresa

It is Mothers Day morning and I laid in bed just feeling in my body where I felt being a mother was for me in that moment. I was drawn straight to my heart where I felt the love for my children followed by the instant sadness I also felt in my heart.

I felt the loss of my 2 babies who didn’t make it to full term and the loss of love I felt being a child to my mother. Many times I try to stay with the love and turn away form the ‘bad’ feelings but today I stayed with them and guess what happened? They didn’t consume me and I found memories of moments I had forgotten about with my mother.

By opening to all the feelings it opened me to more love!

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers of the world and to Mother Nature

XXX Teresa of Heart’s Voice…Empower the Leader Within

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