Empowerment Session

Complimentary 1:1, 30 minute phone session to gain clarity on where you are right now, what your biggest issues are and how they are causing you pain and suffering in the present. This session enables you to find the importance of where you want to be so you can live your life fully alive, with direction and take your next step.

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Clarity to Freedom with Core Clearing

The Clarity to Freedom Program is a full 5 Session Core Clearing Process that allows for the natural unfolding to peace by regularly feeling through the layers of thoughts and stresses in your life. The process guides you to the present moment where you unravel the issues and patterns holding you in the past that are still causing you suffering in your life.

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Reclaim & Thrive Program with Breathwork

THRIVE BREATHWORK is a dynamic breath based meditation process that helps you feel under the issues holding you in the past and takes you to the next level…. to be your own LIFE LEADER in every aspect of life.

The full life transforming RECLAIM & THRIVE Program involves a commitment to 10 individual sessions at weekly or fortnightly intervals.

We utilise a range of transformational technologies including: Connected Breathing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Care and Emotional Intelligence.

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