Surviving verses Living Continued


This point is where change happens because we are working with our emotions and not against them. We are opening and feeling to our emotions and where we are holding them in our body rather than shutting down or suppressing them and feeling stressed, ill or depressed. We do need to feel and let go to heal and to reclaim the destroyed, shut down and suppressed parts of ourselves to truly with freedom, empowerment and feel fully alive.

All individuals will find that they have had an experience in their lives that has affected them in some way. A few will be aware of the consequences of their experience on their personality and the choices they have been making ever since and others will not. Many people want their lives to ‘get back to normal’ and reclaim that person who they once knew to be happy, smiling, confident and found that life was fun. This is where Breathwork can support you and transform you from great survivor to an empowered confident life leader.

So let’s look at some more of the side effects of unresolved traumatic experiences that many continue to live with and can resemble a never-ending roller coaster ride.

  • Shutting down and often feeling overwhelmed
  • Not feeling heard
  • Being triggered by your past hurts or traumas in the present
  • Wanting happiness but not sure how to get it
  • Don’t have a clear vision on your life’s direction
  • Having no energy
  • Not taking care of your health
  • Not coping with conflict of any kind
  • Repeating the same patterns that lead to the same negative outcome

The list can go on and on as there are many forms of trauma, abuse and loss and we often are living with more than one of these effects.

Trauma, the Past and the Present…

Did you know that our unresolved emotions drive our lives?

Unresolved Emotions cause:

  • Stress, Anxiety and Frustration
  • Anger,
  • Dis-connection,
  • Poor Sleep,
  • Low Self-Esteem,
  • Lack of Trust (in us and others),
  • Relationship Conflicts,
  • Illness
  • Mental Confusion.

Are you living with any of these RIGHT NOW?

It’s time to LIVE the wish list below and reclaim the REAL YOU once again with

5 Ways to Empower the Leader Within Program.

Be confident in trusting yourself and build trust with others. Recognise & connect to your inner guidance.

STEP 2: Take CONTROL of Your Life: Become empowered and lead your own life. Step off the emotional rollercoaster of manipulation & control.

STEP 3: Claim YOUR right to CHOOSE: Gain strength & clarity within yourself to understand choices that keep you in your power.

STEP 4: Step into FREEDOM
Free yourself of the unresolved emotional blocks keeping you stuck in the past.

STEP 5: EMPOWERED living: Release & free yourself from anger and resentment to live a life full of Peace, Joy, Self-Worth and Motivation

Understand who you truly are, live a life you love and THRIVE!

* Reclaim Your Voice, Self-Worth & Power

* Set Your personal boundaries and stick to them

* Be FREE of Anger & Resentment from your past

* Live life that is purposeful and fulfilling

* Have inner peace and harmony in all areas of your life

* Trust your feelings and value yourself

* Be confident in saying ‘NO’